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Bulgaria: costituzione società

untitledBulgaria : costituzione società

Company’s Registration Requirements

Name of the company

You can choose any name to denote and distinguish your business, provided that it is available (not already used by someone else).

You should suggest two or three alternative names, which will then be submitted to the Registrar of Companies for approval.

Objects of the company

You should provide us with the main activities of the company, so that the Memorandum and Articles of Association can be drawn up for submission.

Main capital

According Bulgarian legislation the main capital of the limited company should be at least EUR 1.


A Bulgarian limited company may have a single shareholder, who may also be its sole representative and manager (director).


Every company should have at least one Director.
We are able to provide local directors in addition to the one appointed from you. These directors will be able to conduct the functions through guidance from the beneficial owners, thus ensuring the smooth and timely operation of the company.

Registered office address

The company may be seated in any city or resident location in Bulgaria. Its subsequent management address may differ from the registered address.

Period needed to register a company

The period needed to register a company is 2 weeks.

Shelf Companies

When time is of essence you can choose a company from a selection of ready-made shelf companies that have never traded before.

– Once the company is purchased both its equity shareholding and management control are transfered to the new owner.
– All pre-registered shelf companies are free of any liabilities, liens and charges.
– Pre-registered shelf companies offer the same level of security as the ones formed as a result of customer order.

Shelf Company Name Change

Brands and trade names are very important for the success of the business.

– You can change a purchased shelf company name to one preferred provided that it has not already been taken or reserved by someone else. […]